Ignition Interlock Devices In Virginia

An ignition interlock device is installed on vehicles after a DUI conviction. Basically, in order for the car to start the driver must blow into the device. A positive alcohol reading will be reported back to the ignition interlock installer and reported to ASAP for a violation hearing before the Court. In other states this is usually reserved for a second or multiple DUI conviction. However, Virginia is especially stringent requiring a mandatory minimum of six months after a DUI conviction. Even if it is your first conviction you will be required to have the ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle no matter what.

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How The Ignition Interlock Device Works

Imagine not being able to get in your car and simply drive to work. Instead, if you are convicted of a DUI charge (even if you have absolutely no prior record) you will have to blow into the device just to start your car. If you blow a positive alcohol reading, then your car won't start. All of this information is stored in the device and will be reported back to the court. At the very minimum this will go on for six months.

Furthermore, the ignition interlock device requires a reading every 20 to 30 minutes. If you fail this test and are driving your car, the car will honk and flash its lights until you turn it off. This is a huge hassle and inconvenience, especially if you are trying to get back on track. Our law firm will help you fight your DUI charge and do everything we can to seek the most optimal result for your specific case.

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