Truck Accidents Require Strong Representation

Large trucks cause unbelievable damage to people and property when they collide with passenger vehicles. If the injuries are severe or fatal, trucking companies and their insurers will act swiftly to downplay their liability.

You need a strong advocate fighting on your side. Personal injury lawyer Timothy J. Quick has successfully litigated truck accident cases throughout Virginia. Because he formerly worked for the insurance companies, he knows their tactics and how to use those insights to your advantage.

Was a loved one injured in a collision with a truck?
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We Hold Trucking Companies Accountable For The Harm

As a population hub and a major traffic corridor, Virginia has more than its share of truck traffic. Because of the danger to the public, the trucking industry is under federal regulation. The trucks are subject to weight limits and inspections. Truckers are subject to limits on hours behind the wheel.

Innocent people suffer when trucking companies violate these rules. It is vital after a truck accident to involve an attorney immediately to promptly investigate. At, we excel in cases of major injuries or wrongful death. We take action to preserve driver logbooks, maintenance and inspection records, cellphone and dispatch records, black box and GPS data, the wrecked vehicles and other evidence that may be crucial to the case.

We conduct a sophisticated investigation to reveal the underlying factors that contributed to the crash, such as:

  • Driver failure — Was the driver violating traffic laws or going too fast for conditions? Was the trucker fatigues from too many hours on the road?
  • Negligent hiring and training — Was the driver properly trained and licensed to drive a truck? Does the driver have a history of accidents or criminal record?
  • Trucking violations — Was the truck overweight? Was the cargo improperly secured? Was it hauling hazardous materials illegally?
  • Maintenance issues — Did the truck have bald tires, worn brakes or broken lights? Had it been properly serviced and routinely inspected?
  • Distracted driving — Was the trucker texting (illegal in Virginia), using a laptop or otherwise recklessly disengaged from the duties of driving a multi-ton vehicle?

Tractor-Trailer And Other Commercial Vehicle Accidents

In addition to 18-wheelers, we have handled cases involving freight trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, construction and landscaping vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, and other large trucks and commercial vehicles. We work to identify all liable entities, including third parties that owned the trailer or loaded the truck.

As necessary, we work with accident reconstructionists, medical experts and other professionals to build a strong case for liablity and damages. Our trial lawyers are prepared to take the case to a jury to get justice for our clients.

Start The Investigation Today

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