Suffered A Serious Injury Due To A Distracted Driver?

Some of the most serious and deadly traffic accidents are those caused by distracted drivers. Whether the driver is texting, talking on their cellphone or engaging in some other type of distracted driving behavior, that one second of inattention can lead to a life-changing crash.

Negligent drivers need to be held responsible for their actions. It's not "just an accident." If you or a loved one was seriously injured and you suspected the other driver was texting whil driving or otherwise distracted, it is important to promptly seek the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

We Have Won Compensation For Distracted Driving Accidents
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Why Distracted Driving Is So Dangerous

Good drivers are defensive drivers. They give their full attention to the task and have one or both hands firmly on the wheel. Anything that interferes with the driver's control of the vehicle or interrupts their ability to concentrate on the road can quickly turn tragic. Texting while driving is a triple threat because it disrupts the driver's hands, eyes and attention all at once. It takes several seconds to read a text message or type a response, which is all it takes to cause an accident.

Distracted driving accidents often result in permanent injuries or fatalities, especially if the driver drifts into another lane of traffic, runs a red light or stop sign, or rear-ends another car at high speed. Even if the driver hits the brakes or swerves, there is a delay that might the difference between minor injuries and catastrophic injuries.

We Are Aggressive In Pursuit Of Justice

Our experienced lawyers know how to investigate these accidents. We work swiftly to secure evidence such as cellphone records or witness accounts that can prove that the other driver was dangerously distracted.

Insurance companies are looking out for their business interests; even your own insurance company is ultimately looking at its bottom line when deciding whether to fight the claim or offer a low settlement. Fortunately, Timothy J. Quick had experience working for insurance companies before he was a personal injury lawyer. This gives him unique insight and valuable knowledge and skills when it comes to fighting insurance companies in a personal injury lawsuit.

Texting While Driving Is Illegal

Not only is texting while driving a distraction for drivers, it is also against the law in Virginia. A driver caught texting and driving could face a fine and traffic violation points on his or her license. Whether or not the driver was cited by law enforcement, our job is to show that texting caused or contributed to the accident.

Other Distractions Can Be Just As Deadly

Any driver distractions, even if they are not specifically against the law, can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if the person was not attentive or in control of the car or truck. This could include:

  • Cellphone use such as texting, talking or browsing the internet
  • Using GPS or looking at a map
  • Changing the radio or cranking the music too loud
  • Drinking and eating while driving
  • Applying makeup and shaving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel

Tell Us About Your Distracted Driving Case

It is to your benefit to have an attorney looking out for your best interests. Medical expenses can be very costly, and when you are seriously injured the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to pay for your medical care.

At, our law firm will focus on providing the customized and compassionate personal injury counsel you have been looking for. We help seek full and fair compensation, including damages for past and future medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and emotional suffering and more.

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