How Do Your Attorney's Fees Work?

Most fees for criminal and traffic cases are charged on a flat-fee basis.  The facts and complexities of every case are different, so there are no "set fees" listed on this website.  Personal Injury cases are handled on a "contingency basis," meaning that if there is no recovery, there is no attorney fee charged.  The fee is taken out of the settlement or judgment at the conclusion of the case.  Fees on personal injury cases generally range from thirty-three to forty percent of the recovery.

Can You Quote Me A Price For A Criminal Or Traffic Case Over The Phone?

Hopefully, you wouldn't choose a surgeon without meeting him or her first and you shouldn't pick a lawyer that way either.  As the old adage goes, sometimes you get what you pay for.  At Timothy J. Quick, PC, we feel strongly that a lawyer should never quote you a fee without spending some quality time discussing your case with you.  Everyone has different expectations.  Every case has different facts.   What may seem like a simple matter to one person may mean the possibility of significant jail time for another.  Expectation levels and strategy should be thoroughly discussed, preferably in person, before a price can be quoted.  Call NOW to schedule a free consultation if you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offense.

Do You Offer A Free Consultation?

We do offer free in-office consultations on criminal, traffic and personal injury cases.  If you are out of the area, or deployed in the military, we will set up a free telephone consultation with you. However, we prefer to meet you in person, and we would hope that you would want to meet your attorney in person before deciding on one. Call NOW to schedule a free consultation. If you are injured and cannot come to our office, we will come to you.

Do You Advance Costs on Personal Injury Cases?
Generally, personal Injury cases have to be carefully screened to ensure the liability issues are in your favor.  Assuming there are little, if any, liability issues, the costs of obtaining records, hiring court reporters, meeting with doctors, and filing suit are typically advanced and recouped out of the settlement or judgment.  Costs advanced are separate and apart from the attorney's fee.  Call NOW to schedule your free consultation if you  have been injured due to someone else's negligence.

Will I Go To Jail For Reckless Driving or DUI?

Reckless Driving and DUI are both Class 1 Misdemeanors, meaning they carry up to 12 months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine.  Whether jail time is warranted in any given case is up to the judge and depends on the facts and circumstances of the case and your criminal and traffic history.  In either case, whether jail time is imposed or not, a conviction goes down on your permanent criminal record.  Misdemeanor convictions can affect your ability to get or maintain employment and/or a security clearance, as well as cause your driver's license to get suspended.  Call NOW to set up a free consultation if you have been charged with Reckless Driving or DUI.

Do You Have Experience With My Sort Of Case?

Tim Quick has been handling cases in Hampton Roads Roads since 1994.  He started out as a prosecutor before becoming defense attorney.  He has worked for the insurance companies before. He has handled most aspects of nearly any type of criminal or civil case you may encounter.  Consultations on criminal, traffic, and personal injury cases are free, so you can gauge for yourself whether he has the experience to handle your case.