Seasoned White Collar Crimes Defense

If you suspect you're being investigated for white collar crimes, there is no time to waste. By the time you become aware of an investigation against you, it is likely that federal agents have been on your trail for some time, and have been building their case the whole time. The sooner you contact a white collar crimes defense attorney, the better chance you have at mounting a successful defense against whatever charges you face. Timothy J. Quick P.C. is located in Tidewater & Hampton Roads, VA and can be reached by calling 757-453-7674.

White Collar Crimes Come In Many Colors

In general, white collar crimes involve a person using deceit for financial gain. There are many variations of white collar crime, including:

  • Fraud. Whether through insider trading, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud or even a Ponzi scheme, the different types of fraud involve a person making dishonest claims to advance their own interests.
  • Embezzlement. Taking money entrusted to you in a professional capacity and using it for personal gain is a white collar crime.
  • Tax evasion. This involves either providing false information on a tax form, or illegally transferring assets so as to reduce tax liability.
  • Bribery. This charge involves providing money to a government official or employee in exchange for influence, contracts or another benefit.
  • Money laundering. Disguising money that was criminally acquired by making a series of transfers that give that money the appearance of legitimacy is against the law.
  • Forgery and ID theft. Pretending to be someone else by signing that person's name to a check or using their credit card or other identifying information can trigger a federal investigation against you.

Don't Make Things Worse

If you're being investigated for white collar crimes, you're already in hot water. At this point, you need to do (or not do) everything possible to keep things from escalating. For example:

  • Don't shred documents or instruct employees, friends of family to lie for you.
  • Don't declare your innocence to anyone who will listen.
  • If approached by law enforcement, politely decline to be interviewed until you speak to an attorney and then immediately call a white collar defense attorney.

The most important thing you can do for yourself at this point is to consult a criminal defense lawyer to discuss your options and the best strategy to defend yourself.

Protect Your Reputation And Future

Being convicted of a white collar crime can destroy your credibility, business and professional reputation. It is essential that you work with an attorney who knows how to defend you against whatever charges you face. To schedule your free in-office consultation, call our Tidewater or Hampton Roads, VA offices at 757-453-7674 or toll free at 800-588-8130, or write to us online for more information.