The Future Is At Risk For Those Facing Underage Possession Of Alcohol And Other Juvenile Offenses

The Tidewater region is an area full of colleges and universities, and arrests for underage drinking are not uncommon. The police also do not simply return drunk high school students to their parents anymore. Many teenagers end up in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Because police don't "look the other way" any more, it is important to young people to have have skilled legal representation when they are in trouble with the law. At, we are committed to sparing youths and young adults from harsh punishments and limiting the adverse impact on their futures.

Is your son or daughter accused of a crime?
We can intervene quickly to protect your child's rights and hopefully get the charges dismissed or downgraded. Contact us today for a free in-office consultation. We have offices in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Manassas.

Juvenile Offense And College Arrests Must Be Taken Seriously

At, we don't want to see our clients' academic or other life goals wrecked by criminal charges. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will work to keep the charge off your record, and keep your driver's license. If your son or daughter is convicted or adjudicated in the juvenile system, the effect on their present life and future opportunities can be very destructive. Some schools add disciplinary measures of their own, including expulsion, to the punishment meted out by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We commonly defend young people against a range of offenses:

  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Public intoxication
  • Open container
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Noise ordinance violations
  • Shoplifting
  • Using a fake ID

Having a single drink at a family gathering can be enough to violate the law. You don't have to physically possess an alcoholic beverage to be convicted. We also help with expungements and reinstatement of driving privileges stemming from alcohol offenses or other youthful offenses.

Charged With Underage Drinking Or Other Trouble?

If someone in your family has been charged with underage drinking, call Timothy J. Quick, P.C. ( at 757-453-7674 or 800-588-8130. We will conduct our own investigation and develop the strongest available defense. When a dismissal of the charges is not possible, we work to have charges reduced or, failing that, to obtain a sentence that minimizes the penalties.

It's that serious, and simply admitting to an offense will not necessarily result in leniency or mercy. That's why hiring us may be your best option for a positive outcome. Our attorneys practice in juvenile and adult courts in the Hampton Roads and Tidewater region, as well as northern Virginia and statewide.