Aggressive Criminal Defense Counsel For Charges Involving Internet Solicitation & Child Pornography

Two common sexual charges are Internet sex crimes and possession of child pornography. At Timothy J. Quick, P.C. in Hampton Roads and Tidewater, we defend persons who have been arrested for a variety of offenses committed online or via a cellphone, including:

  • Sending sexual or lewd images to a minor (sexting)
  • Arranging to meet a minor for lewd purposes
  • Lewd Internet chatting
  • Committing any type of sex crime using the Internet

Child pornography possession and production charges can be at the state or federal levels. Distribution or sharing are more serious charges.

The Punishment Is Severe

Punishments for these offenses are very severe, and upon release perpetrators must register as sex offenders. So, it is critical to mount the best possible legal defense. At Timothy J. Quick, P.C., we look for weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, and we exploit those weaknesses:

  • We ask whether the evidence obtained against clients is legally obtained, and whether it is reliable.
  • Many child pornography sting operations cross the line into entrapment.
  • Oftentimes, computers are invaded with spyware and Trojan horse applets that can deposit images and messages.
  • Sometimes there is a legitimate question whether the seized material is even illegal.

We remind courts that our freedoms are guaranteed by the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment.

Arrested For Soliciting A Minor? Call Timothy J. Quick, P.C.

It is vital, if you have been charged with an Internet-based sex crime, that you secure the best and most experienced attorney you can find.

Sex crimes lawyer Timothy J. Quick can help you through every stage of your defense, from bond hearing to trial and sentencing, if necessary. Call him in Tidewater or Hampton Roads at 757-453-7674.