Skilled Legal Counsel For Bond Hearings

Jail is tedious, miserable and dangerous. You don't have to be there long before you want to get out. Criminal attorney Timothy J. Quick often steps in during this difficult moment to get clients past the first major hurdle: posting bond.

Not everyone is offered bail. If you are deemed a flight risk, you may be denied bail. Likewise, if you are considered dangerous, or likely to commit additional crimes or intimidate witnesses while you are on the street, you may be denied the opportunity to bond out of jail. Even if you are offered bail, the amount can be set so high that your loved ones can't afford it.

Success in bond hearings and bail reduction
We represent adults and youths arrested for crimes in the Tidewater area and throughout Virginia. Contact us immediately if your family member is detained. We will go to court and help them get released.

Experienced Advocacy For Your Bond Hearing

The key to a successful bond hearing is hiring a lawyer who can shape the court's image of you. In our practice, we have become skilled at depicting the positives of the accused (you're employed, have a clean record, have ties to the community, etc.) and downplaying any negatives (arrests, priors, outstanding traffic tickets, etc.).

Your bail bond lawyer's goal is to persuade the Court that you are a good risk, and that the amount of bail set is affordable to your family or friends.

If your loved ones make bail, you will have to pay 10 percent of the amount to a bondsman, the balance of which the bail bondsman puts up. Our knowledgeable defense lawyers will steer you toward a reputable and reliable bail bondsman.

A discount for men and women in uniform
At Timothy J. Quick, PC, we understand that freedom isn't free. We appreciate your service to the United States of America and are pleased to offer a 10% military discount to all retired, active duty and reservist members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Experienced Bail Hearing Attorney

In the event the magistrate denies bond, you will be given a second chance the next day, before a judge. Individuals accused of serious violent offenses like robbery, rape or murder are presumed to be an unsafe bond risk. In the hearing before the judge, the prosecutor may cite reasons for denying bail. Our office will oppose that effort and offer reasons why you should be set free.

A Mistake That Many Make

Since you only have two opportunities to have a judge set a bond for you, how you present your evidence at your bond hearing can make the difference between staying in jail until your trial date many months later and preserving your freedom pending trial.

Asking for a bond hearing at your arraignment before you or your family has had an opportunity to consult with a lawyer is a serious mistake. Some felonies carry a presumption against bond. Having a lawyer who knows how to effectively present the best case for bond is crucial.

Creating A Positive Picture

Typically, we are contacted not by the accused individual, but by a family member. Our office works with the family to amass positives about the accused. Our practice is to maintain effective communications with the family throughout this period.

Having Timothy Quick attend a bond hearing on your behalf does not necessarily obligate you to hire him as your defense counsel. But it is a good way to get an understanding of his skills and competence in the courtroom. Many bond clients do go on to retain our law firm to defend the underlying charges.

Arrested and need to post bail? Call at 757-453-7674, or toll free at 800-588-8130. We have convenient law offices in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Manassas. We offer free in-office consultations, and we can arrange to meet you at the courthouse.