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Innocent man released from Virginia prison after being pardoned

Authorities released an innocent man from Greensville Correctional Facility after Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell granted him a conditional pardon last week. The man was sent to prison after he was charged with sex offenses he didn't commit and served four years of a seven-and-a-half year prison sentence. This man and those who worked to get him free used the law to help clear his name.

The woman who had accused the man of these crimes told investigators in October that her story had been a lie. The man says he doesn't want to waste any time thinking about his accuser, but instead, wants to focus on the future. The day following his release, he celebrated his new freedom at the Hampton Public Defender's office with a pizza party. Many people in the office had worked for the entire four years he had been in prison to get him released.

He said that his time behind bars taught him to appreciate life more. He said it was easy to take things like being able to make phone calls and eat whatever you want whenever you wanted for granted until those things are taken away. He planned to go to Charlotte and visit his father for Thanksgiving.

Facing false allegations of a crime can be a crushing experience but unfortunately it happens all too often. Anyone who has been unjustly accused of a crime should be aware of their legal rights and their right to aggressively defend themselves against the charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will attempt to attack any evidence based on hearsay and hearsay alone. One witness's testimony can make or break a case and when that witness is lying justice may be difficult to ensure without a solid defense strategy.

Source: News Channel 3, "Jonathan Montgomery celebrates his release from prison," Todd Corillo, Nov. 21, 2012

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