Experienced Personal Injury Counsel For Motorcycle Accidents Victims

Motorcycles have the same rights as other vehicles, but drivers of cars and trucks often fail to share the road with cycles. Tragically, the wonderful advantages a motorcycle offers — open air, terrific sightlines, powerful acceleration — make cyclists vulnerable to serious injury.

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Destructive And Serious Bike Crashes

Death is common in motorcycle accidents, but those who survive the crash often suffer from frightful conditions such as:

When injuries are this serious, compensation must go beyond today's medical bills. Long-term rehab and disability must also be factored in, along with loss of pay and loss of companionship.

At Timothy J. Quick, P.C., we serve motorcyclists and their families as they seek compensation for other drivers' negligence.

We Mount Our Own Independent Investigation

As with truck accident investigations, we examine the evidence available to see how the accident occurred and who, if anyone, was at fault.

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