Helping Victims After Car & Truck Accidents

Every year, there are about 60,000 injuries and 1,000 deaths on Virginia roads and highways. Many of these accidents are the result of someone else's negligence. (Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration)

Reporting Motor Vehicle Crash Information

At Timothy J. Quick, P.C., we advise motorists to be prepared for negative events:

  • Keep a notebook with your auto insurance papers, allowing you to write down accident information, or sketch what happened.
  • Have a cellphone or disposable camera on hand to take pictures.
  • Exchange relevant information with other involved drivers.
  • Write down the name of the officer at the accident scene. Give your version of what happened. Never assume the police report (if one is even drawn up) will exonerate you.
  • Report the accident to your insurer immediately.
  • If you are injured at the scene, do not decline an offer of medical assistance.

Former Attorney For Insurance Companies, Now On Your Side

Before becoming a personal injury lawyer, Timothy J. Quick worked for the other side, representing insurance companies in lawsuits. During his time in insurance defense, Timothy J. Quick learned how insurance companies think, and how far they will go to minimize their liability.

The truth of the matter is they largely depend on computers to evaluate your claims, based on the injuries coded in your medical records. These computers generally ignore the more subjective factors that Virginia law would allow a jury to consider: your pain and suffering, your mental anguish, the inconvenience caused by the accident, lost wages, past and future medical expenses, and any disfigurement or deformity. These are the factors that drive up the value of your claim, and which our firm has been successfully advocating.

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Truck Wrecks And Catastrophic Injuries

Truck accidents and motorcycle accidents wreak unbelievable damage on human beings and property. It is vital to call your attorney immediately following an accident to conduct a thorough investigation.

Examining cell phone records, truck company logs and police reports, our law firm looks for evidence of:

  • Driver failure. Was the driver obeying laws? Was the driver competent? Was the load properly loaded? Were all federal laws and regulations observed?
  • Truck company negligence. Was the driver overscheduled and fatigued? Was the driver legally hired and properly trained?
  • Maintenance issues. Was the truck properly maintained? Was all safety equipment installed and functional?
  • Vehicle defects. Did a defective or poorly designed product — the entire truck, or a component of the truck — lead to the collision?
  • Texting while driving — now illegal in Virginia.

Your case will likely turn on the outcome of these investigations. Call Timothy J. Quick immediately and obtain vital accident evidence before it "disappears."

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