Defending Clients Facing Domestic Violence, Assault & Battery

The phrases, assault and battery and domestic violence conjure up negative associations. But in real life, the people charged with these crimes are usually everyday people, who either did something uncharacteristic of them, were driven over the edge of control, or they didn't do it at all.

Our clients are local people and out-of-towners who were involved in an outburst at home, at a hotel, on the job or in a bar.

It is shocking to be charged with these crimes, and most accused people are scared to death of losing everything — their family, their reputation, their freedom.

Timothy Quick: Experienced Defense Attorney

At Timothy J. Quick, P.C., we have many years of experience with domestic violence and assault charges, going back to Timothy Quick's time as prosecutor in the Tidewater district attorney's office.

We have successfully defended hundreds of people from Tidewater and all over the U.S., in the wake of physical altercations, injuries and criminal charges. Very often, the accused is arrested because police are required to arrest someone. And the true story of what occurred is usually too complicated to fit into a police report.

The Importance Of Skilled Representation

The charges vary from breaching the peace, or disorderly conduct, to domestic violence, or assault and battery. Punishment may vary as well, but conviction often results in heavy fines and even time behind bars.

That's why it is essential to hire an attorney who knows the local courts, who knows state law, and has a successful track record for getting charges dismissed or reduced, or petitioning for punishment that is not severe.

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If you have been charged with domestic violence or any other violent crime, the number to call is Tidewater domestic violence attorney Timothy J. Quick's — 757-453-7674, or toll free at 800-588-8130. Or write him using this form.